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Car Key Duplication

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Car Key Duplication

Handee Lock and Key is your expert local locksmith and key maker, providing mobile emergency locksmith service and key duplication around the clock. Turn to us for your backup keys so you always have a set to turn to, and if you get stuck without a spare, we can help with your lockout situation and then make an on-site key copy based on the lock mechanism or vehicle code, no key required.

Do you have or remember where your spare key is? Let us make them for you and complete your set of emergency spares while we’re there. We can make just about any kind of key, even those complex ones with advanced technology, and getting an on-site key copy is a much better plan than wondering where to get keys made and saving it for a Saturday trip. Keys made by a locksmith are made for the lock with expert precision, they are not just quick copies.

Unless you drive a classic car or truck, you’re probably carrying a set of chip keys, laser-cut keys, or specialized keys, using a manufacturer’s special protocol. We’re the automotive locksmith that can take care of lockouts, make new car keys including many dealer-only keys, and more. Before you make a trek to the dealer, give us a call, and find out how technologically advanced your local locksmith is.

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