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Car Key Replacement

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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

No one plans on having to replace a car key. If your car key has been lost, stolen, broken in the lock, or just will not work, call Handee Lock and Key, we specialize in minimizing the impact of car key problems. Customers with missing and damaged car keys and remotes keep us busy, because we have the experience and latest technology to make keys, program remotes, and repair most types of car locks.

Every key type has its own technology. We not only cut traditional car keys, but we also laser cut keys, do car key programming, set up replacement key fobs, and coordinate the tech your car needs to start, lock, and operate the way you need it to. Having a replacement key made by the dealer can cost you an arm and a leg, who has the hours to waste going to the dealer to have it done? Calling Handee Lock and Key will save you time and money. With our mobile service, we will come to you. All of our services were built with your budget in mind. So, we save time and money!

We Understand Your Car’s Key System, Classic or Modern. Whether mechanical or electronic, we’re ready to solve your car’s key challenges. From straight mechanical steering column locks to a wide range of electronic lock types, we have the technology to take care of you. If the solution is simple, like a dead remote battery or swapping the circuit board from a broken key shell, we’ll go for that and get you going. When the problem is more complex, like when you’ve lost your last key set, our tech experts will get the info we need to create new ones.

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