Program Car Keys

When your key no longer starts your car or you have lost the keys to your car equipped with anything from the original VATS systems to the latest smart keys, we are here to help. Our in-house programming capabilities mean we have the key cutters and the programmers to ensure that we are able to service every customer’s needs. We also offer programming of new remotes or keys. You can even bring us a remote or other keys to be programmed to your vehicle.

We have an experienced locksmith on staff so that our customers don’t have to wait long for their keys to be re-programmed. Our locksmith also offers remote programming including factory and after-market remotes.

We provide a wide variety of services to the public from cutting keys to replacing locks, as well as remote programming of new vehicle remotes.

We work hard to find the right locks and keys for EACH customer. We can even offer a re-key service that saves you the time and trouble of replacing all your locks. For more information, call us at 901-609-9179.